Call for papers on “Policy learning and policy change” (ICPP Conference – July 2015 1st-4th, Milan, Italy)

Dr. Peter Scholten, Dr. Christopher Weible and I coedit a Special Issue about “Policy Learning & Policy change: Theorizing their relation from different policy perspectives”. In the context of this project, we organize a panel at the International Conference on Public Policy (ICPP – July 2015, 1st-4th, Milan, Italy) on this topic.



This panel asks the following questions: What are the connections between policy learning and policy change? What institutional, social and individual factors do stimulate policy learning? Which learning outcomes do they elicit? Does learning cause policy change? Does policy change induce policy learning? What are the cognitive and social processes between the factors of policy learning and policy change? How can effective policy learning be promoted in policy processes? This panel is organized in the context of an international special issue project to be submitted to the Policy & Society Journal. The panel proposal is submitted under the subject category “Public policy, administration and policymakers”, sponsored by this Journal.

The panel includes an introductory paper and a number of individual papers that bring original empirical case studies on the role of policy learning in policy dynamics as well as theorize the relation between policy learning and change from different policy science perspectives. The following perspectives are already represented in our project: network theory, advocacy coalition framework, frame analysis, co-creation processes, evidence-based policymaking and epistemic communities. Even if we do not exclude to host other paper/s that are anchored in one of those perspectives, we mostly welcome papers that represent other policy perspectives considering the role that learning does or does not play in policy change (e.g., socio-cognitive institutionalism, cultural theory, policy learning and transfer or diffusion, etc.).



To submit a paper: click here. The code of our panel is T10P08.

For more info about the “policy Learning & Policy change” project: click here.

If you know some colleagues who could be interested in the topic of this panel, please, feel free to disseminate this call as widely as possible. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts!


Dr. Stephane Moyson (Erasmus University Rotterdam:
Dr. Peter Scholten (Erasmus University Rotterdam:
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