Organizational socialization in public organizations – Call for papers

Dr. Deneen Hatmaker, Dr. Zachary Oberfield and I organize a panel on Organizational socialization in public organizations at the International Research Society For Public Management Conference 2015, University of Birmingham, March 30th – April 1st.

We cordially invite you to submit an abstract to this panel before October 2014, 15th.

We call for papers addressing the following questions: how does a public organization ensure that it prepares employees to serve the public well in a multitude of conditions? How can a public organization instill its core values and processes that enable employees to perform under stable conditions, while at the same time equip them to adapt to dynamic or unexpected events? We invite papers that address these questions, but we are also interested in papers that examine socialization processes more generally in public sector organizations. We are also open to papers that discuss theoretical and methodological approaches that are best suited to the study of public sector organizational socialization.

If possible, we would like to develop a special issue in a good-ranked peer-reviewed journal, based on presenters’ papers.

If you know some colleagues who could be interested in the topic of this panel, please, feel free to disseminate this call as widely as you want.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts!

Best regards,

Dr. Deneen M. Hatmaker (University of Connecticut:

Dr. Stéphane Moyson (Erasmus University Rotterdam:

Dr. Zachary Oberfield (Haverford College, United States: